A collection of feedback from our clients

Doctor Harrop is an unparalleled physician who has been there for me since I was a young teen. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and not alone. In 2009 and 2010 she delivered my babies. No matter the time of day, she has always made herself available for my children. I have never met a doctor with so much love for her patients. In 2013 she diagnosed my oldest daughter with cancer. Even though my daughter was moved to a specialized pediatric cancer facility, and no longer in her care during treatment, she checked up on us and remained a part of our lives. She continues to treat my family as her own. I take comfort in knowing that if ever I have a concern, for myself or my loved ones, she is just a quick message away. Dr. Harrop is full of love and compassion which is why I have and will always choose her as our family physician.

Jessica Allred

I chose Dr. Cara Harrop to be my primary physician because she is the only doctor that I have found that is willing to fully listen to my symptoms and explain what the options for treatment are.  She is truly interested in what the patient’s concerns are and is really good at explaining why she chose the treatment she decided on.

Cara really cares for each of her patients on a personal level.

Shannon ClairmontPolson, MT

I first chose Cara Harrop as my care provider because my whole family chose her as their care provider! I stayed with Cara Harrop because she became like family to me! Cara is compassionate, knowledgeable and absolutely dedicated to each and every one of her patients. Cara gets to the bottom of every health issue, she does not mask them, she treats them. I know I’m always in safe hands!

Krystle Slover