Medicare / Medicaid

Can I see you for just one visit?

We do not offer one- time visits. We believe in long term relationships with our patients. It’s our specialty and it improves healthcare.

How do I pay for my membership?

We offer automatic, electronic monthly withdraws from your bank account or credit card. This eliminates the need to hire a billing and collections staff member and that means you save money!

Is there a contract and can I leave the practice?

There is no contract and you can leave the practice at any time. It is important to me that your healthcare is a good fit for you – both your doctor and the way you pay for it.

Will I always get to see my doctor?

At this time, I am the only provider in the clinic. I believe that healthcare is best delivered by a team of caregivers – YOU (the patient), your family, myself, my nurse and the community. We will all work together to take care of you!

What if I have Medicare or Medicaid?

We can still see you! You will be responsible for the monthly fee and will sign a waiver acknowledging that we will not bill Medicare and that you cannot submit your membership fee for reimbursement.

Does my membership cover care by specialists or surgeons?

It does not. If you need a referral to a specialist, it is not covered under the DPC model.

Do I need to have insurance?

I recommend that you do maintain some form of insurance, much like your car insurance, for catastrophic events like surgery or accidents. A health-sharing ministry (such as Lutheran Health Ministry) works nicely for this option and is generally less expensive than traditional insurance. Most of your outpatient care can be done in the clinic and is covered by your monthly fee. As insurance companies see and process fewer claims for routine care (the kind that is covered by your membership fee), the cost of insurance will ultimately decrease. And that benefits everyone!

Is my membership fee covered by my insurance?

Not at this time. The burden of paperwork that comes with billing insurance is one of many reasons healthcare is so expensive. By streamlining the process of care delivery, we can keep the total cost of your care much lower.

What is direct primary care?

DPC is an alternative to the traditional way we access and pay for medical care.  It functions like a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee to be able to see your doctor when and how you need her.  Sometimes a “visit” is a phone call, a text message, a video conference or even a home visit!

I first chose Cara Harrop as my care provider because my whole family chose her as their care provider! I stayed with Cara Harrop because she became like family to me! Cara is compassionate, knowledgeable and absolutely dedicated to each and every one of her patients. Cara gets to the bottom of every health issue, she does not mask them, she treats them. I know I’m always in safe hands!

Krystle Slover